PC – Sociology

The Programme Committee consists of six students and three professors. We keep a constant communication with the College and Graduate School Directors, the Board of Studies, the Study Association (SEC), the Student Council and the Sociology Master’s and Bachelor’s Directors. Together, we have the duty to ensure the quality of education within the Sociology programmes.

Our tasks

The PC – Soc reunites once a month, while the student members meet every two weeks. During the sessions, professors and students discuss together the educational offer and organization of the Sociology programmes.

Our primary task is to monitor the quality of the education and advise accordingly the programme Directors.
Other important tasks are:

  • Yearly evaluation of the programmes, focusing on their quality and feasibility, and whether the credits corresponding to the effective effort required from students.
  • Supporting the programmes’ curriculum organization through the evaluation of all modules, staff, and professors.
  • Give voice and provide or suggest a solution to problems that might arise during the academic year.
  • Advising the Dean on the yearly renewed Education and Exam Regulation (OER).
  • Informing the Central Student Council (CSR) and the Faculty Council (FSR-FMG).
  • Preparations for NVAO visitation, the national formal evaluation of the Programmes.


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