Pilar d’Alò

I’m Pilar, Master student enrolled in the Gender, Sexuality and Society track. I was born and raised in Italy, but I spent three years of my undergraduate studies in Rosario (Argentina). Here, I embraced the idea that, as part of a community, students have the right and duty to participate in the university’s policymaking. I’ve always been an advocate of the idea that in order to have different results, you have to do different things.





Ruth Spetter

Hi, this is me, Ruth. This is my third year as a Sociology student. Right now I’m doing the minor Urban Studies which has something to do with my evergrowing affection with Amsterdam and the ‘tinkle’ that the cities give me. I’m especially intrigued by how a little piece of land can contain so many people, buildings and nature and how it somehow seems to work. I hope the UvA will be a just representation of this beautiful city and hopefully, the PC will provide the possibility to make this work for all of us.




Diego Galdo

Hi! I’m Diego. I’m an 18-years-old Sociology student from Peru, currently in my first year of the Bachelor programme. My fields of interest are queer history, urban studies, and Latin American studies. Particularly, I am interested in Latin American queer history and how the city shapes latino queer identities. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, (poor attempts at) cooking, and Model United Nations conferences.






Tess Joseph.jpgTess Joseph 

Hi, I’m Tess and I’m a Masters student in the Gender, Sexuality and Society track. I grew up in the United States and spent most of my life in Oregon where I studied International Studies and Journalism. I studied abroad in Senegal and have lived in South Korea and Mexico. Here in Amsterdam, I plan to study the future of sexuality and intimacy, specifically within media and technology. I look forward to a productive year working with the Programme Committee on behalf of the wider student community at UvA.



Kai Diamond

Hi! My name’s Kai and I’m from the U.K. I am currently studying a Masters in Cultural Sociology. I am especially interested in social class and the effects it has on culture, ideology and identity. I feel that student voice is extremely important in university and I am happy to be taking part in representing Masters students in the sociology department.



Rivka Kohen

Hey, I am Rivka, a Sociology student in my second year of the bachelor programme at the UvA. Currently I am enjoying and exploring all the possibilities the bachelor has to offer before deciding on an academic specialisation. What all these myriads of topics taught me, is that they do have in common my abiding interest in interactions between people and all that comes with it. In facing the results of policy making and management behind the teaching of Sociology I believe students are indispensable. I feel fortunate to take part in the PC and further realizing this aim.