What is it?

Following Dutch law on higher education and scientific research, the OER – Education and Exam Regulation is the formal contract between students and their study programme. It regulates all parts of the education process and details rights and duties of all parties, and if a conflict arises is the basis upon decisions are taken.

The OER is renewed every year by the Faculty’s Dean in consultation with the Programme Committee and after the approval of the Faculty’s Student Council (FSR -FMG).

Why read it?

Besides being the Sociology programmes guide-line of do’s and don’t, rights and duties, the OER:

  • provides an organizational outlook with the description of the courses
  • informs about dates and content for exam results’ review and retakes.

Don’t forget

The current-year OER is always applicable unless it evidently differs in a disadvantageous way from the OER of the year you started your Sociology programme.

If you have comments or complaints about the OER, please, let us know!